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IVIN strategies aims to help politicians win public support by helping them with activities ranging from voter analysis to constituency management. IVIN strategies helps politicians move towards participative and interactive politics to win public support. At IVIN, politicians can get the services of experienced and creative minds, using most advanced technologies and tactics, to succeed in public life.

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Digital Strategy

  • Online content development
  • Social Media Campaign
  • Creating channels of communication between people and politicians
  • More

Data Analytics

  • Analyze voter data and political opportunities
  • Analyze Impact of government schemes
  • Positioning the Party/Candidate
  • More

Surveys and Research

  • Predictive analysis through pre-candidature and post candidature surveys
  • Preparation of Manifesto and poll promises based on research
  • Research on local problems and solutions
  • More

Political strategy and on field services

  • Mass outreach programs
  • Election administration activities like, filing election returns, training volunteers, etc.
  • Technical support for logistics and campaign management
  • More

Constituency Management

  • Data driven solutions to public problems
  • Building task specific campaigns
  • Handle public relations
  • More

Digital Strategy

IVIN strategies designs digital strategy with a unique way of positioning the candidate and maximizing the online space for his/her political success. We develop attractive political content for online consumption. We develop online communities of sympathizers and convert them into active supporters. We also create channels of communication between politicians and voters.

Data Analytics

IVIN strategies uses the latest technologies, tools, and strategies to analyze voter data and research findings to arrive at campaign strategies and political strategies. We analyze the impact of government schemes and suggest strategies. We will also analyze public opinion on various schemes and its defects and suggest improvements or changes in their implementation. We provide a data driven approach for segmentation and targeting of voters and positioning of the candidate.

Surveys and Research

IVIN strategies uses surveys effectively to understand public sentiment and helps politicians win public support. Surveys will also be used to find the popularity, winnability of politicians and the data collected from the surveys will be used for predictive analytics.IVIN strategies will use various means and keep politicians informed of the ground reality. We will suggest political strategies to politicians based on the surveys and research work. IVIN strategies will do extensive research and help politicians prepare manifesto/poll promises for the electorate. We will also help politicians in identifying problems and suggest best possible solutions. The research wing of IVIN strategies will keep politicians well informed on all relevant issues.

Political strategy and on field services

IVIN strategies will plan and execute mass outreach programs for politicians. We will also generate campaign ideas and manage events. IVIN strategies, with the help of its research wing, will improve the capacity of political volunteers in various activities like spreading the right message, in using the technology to reach out to voters, training election agents, etc. IVIN Strategies will also help local leaders in preparing local area specific manifestos and promises to the electorate. We will also handle election administration related work like filing of election returns, recruiting volunteers, etc. IVIN Strategies will use technology effectively for better logistic management and to cut down election expenses and will help politicians bring down their election expenditures.

Constituency Management

IVIN strategies will help elected representatives manage their respective constituencies. The scope of Constituency management will depend on requirements of the elected representative. Services like research on the problems facing people, suggesting ways and means to get funds for projects, crisis management, building task specific campaigns, judging the mood of electorate, data driven solutions to public problems, effective public relations campaign, etc will be provided on demand.



IVIN Strategies invites interested political enthusiasts from A.P and Telangana to be a part of our team. We would take both full time professionals with specific skills and interns from tier-1 institutes.
The opportunities available are in the following domains-

  1. Data Analytics
  2. Research and content creation
  3. Digital Communication
  4. Field Operations

Interested people can mail us your resume to info@ivinstrategies.com

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IVIN Strategies invites interested political enthusiasts from A.P and Telangana to be a part of our team.

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